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Mind Viruses

Unfortunately no one is talking about a vaccine for the stupid mind infections given to our offpspring. Their infection is chronic. I wish someone would use the antibodies of self reliance and entrepreneurism, that are common in this group, to create a vaccine, but their virus seems to take a whole generation to clear from an infected society.... - March 31, 2020


Drone With Sound

I wanna have a drone that can sneak up on you and then honks as loud as a fire truck. Or that sounds like it has a Chevy big block engine. Or makes Muni bus air brake sounds when it stops to hover. Or has a submarine klaxon with "Dive! Dive! Dive!" when it comes in for a landing. Or announces "Battle stations!" with a red alert sound when it detects someone shooting at it.

Kind of like my muscle car prius that got a pro bono exhaust system modification by thieves when I left it parked in a Berkeley parking garage the other day. Berkeley students ran quicker to get out of my way when they heard me coming, than they did to get away from the virus.

BTW, is it legal to remove the catalytic converter from your drone? Are there any thieves available this afternoon to schedule my drone for a pro bono exhaust modification?
March 25, 2020


Self Reliant

About the Facebook Sharpeners Chat Group: We might be full of the most self reliant most self employed people most dependent on self employed customers who are most likely to fall through most of the cracks in that wonderful “relief” bill that the Pelosi delayed just to make sure more pork unrelated to the virus was in the recipe....
March 31, 2020

by garnet r. chaney

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