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Launching a whole new wiki for notes about your favorite classes and mentoring groups

I just saw today that one of my favorite games from the Commodore 64, Jumpman, is available online here. Well actually that is my wiki notes page on what I found out about Jumpman. I couldn't get it to play, I need to go back, and try again. Since it is a wiki page I can update my notes at that time.

Check out my public wiki that you can help edit.

But I thought, why not make the home page to this site a richer experience.
So here it is. Enjoy.

And yes the background video is my flying work.

What about the stuff in the menu above?  Well it will take you to cool destinations in my content.

Please explore. And contact me with your comments, questions, and roses.

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TheGarnet, also known as The Hack, is someone who loves playing with all kinds of digital computer technology. From software, to hardware, TheGarnet has played with it all. 

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TheGarnet established The Web Mill Business district right at the beginning of the World Wide Web in 1994.

What else to say?

Have you checked out my article on how to use the content you put on Facebok to easily build your own website, and still enjoy posting on Facebook too?  Be sure to check out "Stepping Up My Facebook Game". Soon to be a whole series of articles.

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