My Facebook Account Deleted Without Warning!

By Garnet R. Chaney

A few hours into my aerial photography tour, as I am on the three day drive across the country, I stop at a rest stop, and try to check in on Facebook with my trip sponsors, and my advertising campaign I was running on Facebook about the trip..

My device said "Session Expired". Then I found out Facebook wouldn't let me log back in.

I could not login on any of my devices!

I discovered that Facebook went beyond just putting me in a "facebook jail", with a 7 day or 30 day suspension on interacting with Facebook. They had gone beyond, without warning, and deleted my account.  All my postings, everything shared from my postings, all gone like it doesnt exist.  All without warning!

Current status: Facebook automated systems so there is no way for me to appeal their decision. They say it is final.

This page summarizes my latest fiindings on this, and my efforts to deal with it.  I will be making updates, and can let you know as I make them.  

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Latest Update

By Garnet R. Chaney,  posted 2020/10/15 3AM, Rock Springs Wyoming

I apologize if this page doesnt have my usual level of organization. I am currently on the road in Wyoming, in the middle of my cross country Fall Colors Aerial Photography Tour.

I am hastily putting this page together, and will be updating it as i get more details.

Thank you for all your support! 

Latest Update - 2020/10/15 3AM, Rock Springs Wyoming:

A) I have set up a new facebook account:      Please send me a friend request!

B) My friend Will called me, to say that two of his Facebook accounts got deleted, his friend Jennifer got deleted, and he also noticed I was missing. Common denominator: Will had a group called “The Red Pill” that he had built up to 30,000 followers, and it was very active, getting something like a 100 posts a day, dozens of new members a day. I was salivating over the idea of trying to find things to offer the group in order to collect a list of emails of the people in the group, to be able to keep in touch with them, so Will had made me an admin the group, at my request. Jennifer was also an Admin..

Facebook "fact checkers" had been making complaints about the postings in the group. So I was hoping to get started using that as a reason to get members to share their emails with us,  just in case FB took action against the group. FB had been sending the group multiple warnings about “fact checkers” not liking things being posted in the group. FB had already made the group not searchable, which had greatly affected the new members signups.

Will, and the other admin, lost their facebook profiles at the same time I lost my account. I had never got around to taking any actions with the group,. And Will had been having health issues recently and wasnt able to login to do much with the group either.

Facebook automated systems are telling me that their decision can not be appealed.

This is worse than being in “Facebook Jail”, where they dont like something you posted, and they make it so you can login, but you cant interact with anyone on FB for 7 days or 30 days. You still get access to Messenger. They reserve the right, if your violation is too egregious, to just disable your account with no such warning. They have made it like I never existed.

FB gives me no concrete reason about why they did this, just a vague “You violated our community standards”.

C) I met a woman at gas station yesterday who said her Facebook account, and her daughters Facebook account, had both been deleted recently. One of them was able to restore their account using a forged utility bill to "prove" identity.  She said all her posts, all her comments around Facebook, all the things she shared to her husband's Facebook, they were all just gone!   Her theory about why their accounts got deleted:  They are Trump supporters.

D) I contacted a prominent DotCom attorney about this, and he responded to me, and said I should refer this to the Republican litigation team.

E) In a few minutes, I will be joining a mentoring meeting for the Integration Marketing Society, and seeing if anyone there has any knowledge of how to appeal a Facebook deletion.

F) I am continuing on the road to get to the fall colors on the East Coast.  I will be taking more steps to deal with this over the coming days, which will more than likely involve creating a whole new Facebook account.

A List Of Ways I Have Been Damaged By This Action By Facebook

By Garnet R. Chaney updated October 15, 2020

I have not fully surveyed all the pages and groups I used to have, so this is only what I know so far.

Here are all the ways I am damaged by this:

Maybe you can help me think of other things of value I am losing, and ways I am being damaged in a legal sense.

Other Stories About Similar Issues

Eric Graham

Damn you FaceBook!

Okay... All my FB Ad Ninja friends, have you ever seen this scenario happen...

I added a business partner of mine as an "admin" on ONE ad account, and the moment I hit submit I received an ACCOUNT level ban/restriction!

Everything... Ad manager, all accounts... Everything tied to my OWN personal FB login is restricted.

Zero rejected ads in recent history. Zero compliance issues.

Now, the only thing I can think of is...

The partner I added to the account DID have a similar "lifetime ban" issue a while back, but he got that reversed months ago, and has been able to run ads since.

And he STILL can!

(So I figured it was safe to give him admin access to the account.)

How can adding an "admin" cause an auto-restrict account wide on my OWN account?!

This is worse than being jailed. With jailing, you still have access to look at your account, your messenger threads, your friends list, you can get a download of you data, etc. With this sudden block, these deletion, I have no access to do any of that.

On first blush, you might think, "well just open a new account and start up again". But I hope the above list gives you some view of the ways I have sustained legal damage as a result of this. Be careful that you don't get damaged by this kind of Facebook issue.

There are lots of other people being damaged like this too. So an appropriate remedy may be a class action law suit on behalf of myself, and everyone else who has had this happen, "everyone else similarly situated".

Build your traffic, not Facebook's

Posts made directly on Facebook only build Facebook traffic, and are entirely at risk of deletion by Facebook

Making your substantial posts to your own website, keeps your content safe from deletion by Facebook glitches or algorithms. 

And you can  still easily post your own article as a link to Facebook to have it seen by everyone. But those people will go to your website to see it.

Thank you for keeping in touch with me. I will update this page as more details become available.

Would you like to see me write a more indepth tutorial on how to put your substantial postings on your own website, preserving them and buildng your own interesting site for friends, family, and the internet at large?  Please let me know.

I am also available to help you mount a rescue mission for the interesting things you have written, and help you put them on a website. Please let me know if you would like my help.

This is from a mission I flew to document the tear down of decommissioned Navy buildings at Mare Island, Vallejo, California.

I am a commercial unmanned aerial vehicle pilot, and I am available to fly for you. Contact me.

by garnet r. chaney

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