History of Sharp-Now.com - Who Sharpens Your Shears?™ 

A site to offer fire sale priced shear sharpening to support stylists in San Francisco Bay Area California who were declared non-essential by the state of California and shut down for weeks during the COVID-19 crisis of March and April 2020.


Grew from one page, then plus FAQ, then to a few pages, then to include a directory of other sharpeners in all 50 states, then started showing off videos from my aerial photography business, then articles, then collections of humor about various aspects of sharpening. Gave me good excuses to use a variety of blocks.


I like how when I used the HTML block editor for this block, to capture text written for the discussion posting editor on another site that allowed light HTML, the MobiRise editor would highlifht any errors in my HTML code (misspelled tags, misspelled ampersand entities, improperly closed tags).


Fun tool, it was easy to grow my site organically. http://www.sharp-now.com

COVID and hypertension

History of development of TheGarnet.net 

I TheGarnet.net is my personal wiki notes site. I decided to bring its home page up to modern standards during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown in California. 

*  Bringing ,my Facebook game to a whole new level
* Trying to help Amazon affiliates make money

TheGarnet's Wiki

My wiki is a primary place where I keep track of my latest research on various issues. In the wiki, you can join the discussion and contribute to the research.

Who Sharpens Your Shears?

Garnet providees premium beauty shear sharpening in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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