Bay Area Fastrak Does Nothing To Help You Keep A Record Of What You Just Paid For

By Garnet R. Chaney posted June 6, 2020

Stupid @#%@#$%^#%^@$%^$%^@$%^&$@%E Bay Area Fastrak....

I accidentally hit pay, without cutting and pasting a list of the "violations" (every crossing is a violation if you want to pay cash, because they sidelined all the human bridge toll takers back in March or April). . I wanted to keep a list of the violations that I was paying for. But I was too quick to hit pay. I forgot how stupid their system is.

So now the list is gone. They took my money gave me a confirmation number, but no list of what I just paid. They did send me a useless email though: 

AEDES Mosquito, should be the mascot of all the quasi-government agencies we have to deal with
Dear Bay Area Motorist:

Your Toll violation payment in the amount of $36.0 was processed and your violation is now paid in full.


Bay Area FasTrak Customer Service Center Team

Please do not reply to this message. This is an automatically generated notification.

Notice these things:
  * No confirmation number.
  * No list of which "violations" I just paid for.
  * They dont even know that cents is supposed to have two digits, not one digit!!!!
  * And dont reply to the lame notice, they are not listening.

So I guess I should just "trust" that they don't double bill me for any of what I just paid? Two or three of the notices on my desk said they were already paid. And there were new ones on the list online I have not even seen in physical form, that I just added to the list of what I just paid.

Just look up all the attempts at law suits against them for their terrible system and customer service.  News station expose's about them.

Hey Fastrak Bay Area FasTrak Your system sucks!

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