Privilege Dismissal

By Garnet R. Chaney posted June 2, 2020

It’s weird. These stories shouldn’t put us to sleep. But they do …

Do These Turn Around Stories Put You To Sleep?


Left for dead by all the tech pundits in 1985 after the firing of Steve Jobs. “But to complete the portrait, you also need to picture the despairing founder curled in a fetal position, sobbing on a bare mattress in his mostly unfurnished house—which is how friends found him after Apple’s board fired him in 1985. ” (CNBC) Jobs came back. Apple came back. Hard. As I compose this, Apple is the organization with the biggest market cap ever. (Whatever else you thunk about Apple, the rebith was incredible.) 

Kerri Strug

In the 1996 Olympics she suffered a lateral ankle sprain on the vault. She limped back to attempt it once more, scoring a 9.7 and the Gold for her nation.

Mary Wesley

This English novelist, called a late bloomer by some, was actually a failed writer until her first novel was published and distributed at age 71. Went on to sell millions of copies.

Grandmas Moses

Arthritis forced her to give up her beloved embroidery at age 76. So, she took up painting and filled 1,500 canvases before she died at a spritely 101 years old. An Academy Award winning film was made about her life and one of her paintings sold for US $1,200,000 in 2006

 [Comeback Guy's Name Here.] 

[Heartwarming story about beating all the odds and winning here.] [Our collective yawns here.]

Want to know what’s really crazy?

When we are impressed by these stories we poo poo them.

“Well, sure. But he’s only successful because he ____________.”

* had better parents
* had a great mentor
* was born when the moon is in Sagittarius

When sane people step forward and talk about "all lives matter", or how about "all accomplishments matter", or how about "all hard work matters", how many step forward to dismiss what is being said because of "privilege".

Why do we dismiss those who found a way out of whatever was their personal doldrums?

Why cant we accept that these principles are universal, and actually work no matter how little privilege any person has?

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Is there a better way, than what we see going on in the news today, to gain massive society-changing influence? 

P.S. Harry Bernstein didn’t publish his first book until he was 96. He might look at Grandma Moses’s start at 76 and say, “Well … it’s only because she started so young!”


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