Bringing my Facebook game to a whole new level

By Garnet R. Chaney

Why do you place any significant postings direct on Facebook?  Your content is at risk of deletion by glitch, by algorithm, or nepharious Facebook employees acting to preserve some kind of ever changing sense of "community" standards.

I am always thinking about this every time I spend time writing anything significant on Facebook.

There is a better way.

In this article I show you what it is.

Facebook Deleted My Account Without Warning!

Yet Another Reason To Be Careful of Facebook

Once in the past I got put in a limited Facebook Jail. Because I had liked too many things too fast, Facebook decided that for a few days I couldn't share or react. But I could still make my own postings. So I had great fun making fun of Facebook my posting slightly crooked screen captures of things I wanted to share. And telling everyone why I was doing that.

But recently, Facebook entirely deleted my personal account, and one of my business pages

Using Facebook to keep in touch with friends

Sometimes I spend some time writing posts, or even articles. of significant length. I read a lot of varied things, and sometimes when someone gets me started on something I know something about, a single line comment is not going to be enough. Sometimes I need to write an article to share what I know that won't fit in a soundbite.

I have been publishing websites since 1994. I established one of the very first web hosting companies in 1994. I have been helping individuals and busisnesses, small and large, put their content online.

I wrote and published my first book back in 1982. I sold many copies of the book at international conventions.

I used to have over 500 website domain names, and had many many visitors every day. Just one of my sites would receive over 100,000 visitors a day. And that was over 20 years ago!

So when I post significant comments on Facebook, just to have them buried in my timeline on Facebook, to never be seen again, I kick myself.  Why did I do that?  Again!

An amazing thing used to happen when I added my knowledge to my own websites.

Back when I did a lot of writing on my own websites, a single posting on one of my own websites would generate me visitors for many years. Sometimes, several years later, while I was searching the web for an answer to a question or a problem I was having, I would come across my own articles I had written years earlier that answered my own questions. I had forgotten that years earlier I had found the answer and written a page to preserve the things I had learned! The web, and writings on my own websites, was like my own offline brain.

There is a better way than losing your content in the Facebook timeline.

Build your traffic, not Facebook's

Posts made directly on Facebook only build Facebook traffic, and are entirely at risk of deletion by Facebook

Making your substantial posts to your own website, keeps your content safe from deletion by Facebook glitches or algorithms. 

And you can  still easily post your own article as a link to Facebook to have it seen by everyone. But those people will go to your website to see it.

Here you see an example of a long post I wrote about a question I have been following concerning COVID-19, high blood pressure, and how some treatments have complications that involve the lungs.

The first example is where I put it on Facebook as a posting, with some links to some articles. An image associated with the first article was used as the social media image for my post.

If anyone wants to know more, they go and visit someone else's website.

But I spent significant effort to write the post. Why shouldn't I enjoy more of the benfits of my efforts?  Why shouldn't I get a taste of the clicks first? Why should I leave a significant posting on Facebook, to rot away in the obscurity of the Facebook timeline to never be seen again.

So in the second example. I put the posting on my own website here

In the second Facebook item, you can see where I then posted just a quick summary of what I wrote, and then a link to my own website.

Now Facebook uses the image I chose on my website for my article, and refers people to the article on my website.

In the second case, for ayone to read more, and know more about my research, they get to visit my own website.

This has many benefits:

1) I get the traffic from the clicks.

2) The clicks to my own website let me see how popular the article is by how many visitors it gets. (On Facebook, you never know how many times the post on your personal timeline is seen if at all.)

3) I can regularly update my own article as my thoughts change, or new information becomes available.

Plus, there are other benefits. I get to have fun formatting my information the way I want it. I can add cool things to the page. Later I can come back and change it.

Yes, this is fun. 

And it's mine!


Some of my readers said...

Dr. Robert Frost

"A very good strategy is just to post a teaser excerpt on Facebook and link back to the whole article on your own site."

Dr. Frost guides an active group on Facebook, Age Reversal Now

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Would you like to see me write a more indepth tutorial on how to put your substantial postings on your own website, preserving them and building your own interesting site for friends, family, and the internet at large?  Please let me know.

I am also available to help you mount a rescue mission for the interesting things you have written, and help you put them on a website. Please let me know if you would like my help.

This is from a mission I flew to document the tear down of decommissioned Navy buildings at Mare Island, Vallejo, California.

I am a commercial unmanned aerial vehicle pilot, and I am available to fly for you. Contact me.

by garnet r. chaney

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