You can lead an Amazon Associate to money, but you can't get them to do what will get them paid

By Garnet R. Chaney

This is from an article I wrote at least as far back as 2007, and maybe even befoere that.

i have been a top Amazon affiliate, with as much as $25,000 income in a single month.

I tried to help others make money like I did...

This is a blast from the past rescue of my popular past content from Enjoy

Amazon associates - You can't force them to make money if they won't lift a finger

Someone on Amazon Associates forum said it's been rough trying to console people who have been "Had by having to pay for an Amazon site"

Huh? You're kidding, right? I must be really out of touch...

Here's an amazing fact: I have seen people buy pre-built Amazon websites at auction on eBay, then complete the payment, and then never bother to apply for an Amazon affiliate account to send to the seller so that their ID can be installed in the site so that they can actually make money from it.... I know a seller who begged these people many times to apply for the affiliate account, did everything but drive to their house to type in the info for them. And they still never bothered to take care of it..... The vast majority when asked to make decisions about what kind of additional items they would like in their website, never followed up with an answer.

Should the seller feel guilty about that?

Some people apparently live only to be parted from their money..... Being involved in the "I'll help you make money doing XYZ just like I do" business is a great way to see incredible examples of people doing nothing but sabotage their own chance at success....

This is from an article pulled out of the Wayback Machine, which they spidered on October, 24, 2007:      It was originally posted at't_force_them_to_make_money_if_they_won't_lift_a_finger.htm

Build your traffic, not Facebook's

Posts made directly on Facebook only build Facebook traffic, and are entirely at risk of deletion by Facebook

Making your substantial posts to your own website, keeps your content safe from deletion by Facebook glitches or algorithms. 

And you can  still easily post your own article as a link to Facebook to have it seen by everyone. But they go to your website to see it.

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by garnet r. chaney

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