Key Risk Factors Associated With COVID-19

By Garnet Chaney posted April 21, 2020

Dr. Oz show just was saying the same things that bariatric surgeon Dr. Vuong says: Obesity, and high blood pressure, and diabetes, are key risk factors for making worse the Covid-19 infection and increasing risk of death as much as 7 times! Unfortunately only 12% of the U.S. population are metabolically healthy at this point.

The reason these conditions are so deadly is the cytokine storm that Covid-19 can cause. This storm is related to inflammation in the body. When you are obese, your belly fat is a cytokine factory, generating lots of inflammation throughout the body. Add on the inflammatory processes of high blood pressure, and diabetes, and the person with those conditions is starting at a huge disadvantage. Their system has very little room to deal with any additional increase due to Covid-19.

So is our whole shutdown being based on the fact of the horrible health of our populations? We cant tell those in horrible condition to shape up and get in shape, or they risk a horrible price. Instead we have to make everyone share their pain, because so many others are not in that great of shape either.

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