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Fed Up With Facebook

A friend asked me if I was Fed Up With Facebook?

I said, are you kidding, they stole my account, and several of my business pages, destroyed other pages, stole my friends list, destroyed my links to people I knew for yesrs, everything when Facebook permanently banned my FB account of 12 years. Yes I am more than fed up with Facebook.

He said, I know I sure am too…

I'm guessing you are too since you're still reading haha …

I think I've cracked the code (that's what everyone tells me, at least) on how to beat these bastages at their own game.

First, let me tell you a seemingly-unrelated story about a good friend.

I'm gonna keep it a little vague so I don't get my friend in trouble.

So, when Covid hit and his restaurant wasn't allowed to serve diners indoors, he pivoted over to take out and delivery business.

Crazy enough - his profit margins actually shot through the roof. It costs a lot less to sell takeout than it does to serve folks indoors …

Who knew!

So, after rolling like this for a few weeks, the police show up.


A smarmy looking bureaucrat slapped a piece of paper on the table.

“You haven't been enforcing social distancing. Your customers are clustering together outside while they wait for their takeouts. We have orders to shut you down.”

“What do I have to do? How long will it take me to open my doors?”

“You need to demonstrate that you've taken proper measures, then reapply for a permit.”

“How long will it take?”

“Sir, that's not my department.”

Weeks passed …

Then months …

The permit never came. The banks wouldn't give him a loan.

He was screwed. Everything he built over the last 10 years vanished in thin air.

Sound familiar?

The equivalent of this has been happening on facebook for years. Long before Covid, Facebook was gleefully shutting down successful business because they didn't comply with their vague rules for advertisers.

“You violated our terms of service. Read the rules and submit an appeal.”

“I read the rules. I don't see what I did wrong. Just show me and I'll never do it again.”

“We're sorry you are still in violation of our terms of service. You will no longer be allowed to advertise on Facebook and this decision is final.”

What do these stories have in common?

Well, put simply they are both symptoms of the tech trends I've been accurately predicting for the last several decades.

These tech trends have created a tremendous amount of:

- uncertainty …

- volatility …

- chaos …

And it's only going to get crazier.

Hold that thought for a minute.

First, let me ask you a question:

How is it that my business have been around for decades while most “digital marketers” pivot from business to business overnight?

It all boils down to what I call “The 3 Essential Hedges.”

It's a system I developed many moons ago to protect myself from the writing I saw on the wall long long ago.

“Sounds great, but … Dumb question here. What's a hedge?”

I'm a “there are no dumb questions” kinda guy.

(Only the one you didn't ask, as they say.)

Hedging is actually quite simple.

Yes, many of the hedging strategies out there are hopelessly technical (mine aren't), but the concept is quite simple.

Let's take an example from betting.

Imagine you find a bookie who will give you 70 to 1 odds on Team A.

If you put $100 on this long shot team, you could win $7,000.

If you can find another bookie who will let you get 1.5 to 1 odds on Team B … Well, you put $1,000 on Team B.

Best Scenario: Team A wins and you're up a total of $5,900.

Worst Scenario: Team B wins and you're up a total of $400.

That's a “hedged bet.”

By definition, they protect you against the risk of uncertainty.

With all of these tech trends causing so much chaos (trust me - Covid is just the start), wouldn't it be wise to hedge yourself and the ones you love?

“The 3 Essential Hedges” are specifically designed to protect you against exactly what's going on right now.

(And the much worse things coming down the pike.)

I'd like to teach you all about them in my live masterclass next week:

The Single Most Profitable Secret In History Masterclass

  • Tuesday, March 9th @ 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific

What is “the single most profitable secret in history?”

- it's but one of the three hedges you'll learn about in the class

- it's the business growth secret that has allowed me to create blockbuster after blockbuster

… and …

- create these blockbusters on a zero … dollar … ad budget

Read those three points again.

Do you get it?

This is how you will finally be able to give that big middle finger to facebook.

(I know you've wanted to haha. And I don't blame you one damn bit.)

Secure your seat for the class here, and …

The Single Most Profitable Secret In History Masterclass

  • Tuesday, March 9th @ 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific

… I'll see you there!

All the best,

Garnet & Mark

Mark Joyner

Garnet Chaney

P.S. This is what folks who attended the masterclass last time Mark ran it had to say …

“He has the key I’ve been looking for. He has studied and networked and found the way to crack the code.” -Kathy Townsend, Indianapolis

“My mind is exploding with the possibilities here regarding the use of (The Single Most Profitable Secret in History) to get traffic without depending on ads. This information is phenomenal.” - David Bailey, Florida

“That this is what I have been looking for and couldn't find until now!” - Cher Bourque, Boston

“I learned a sense of having control of my own destiny, of being in charge of the the causes and effects in my own life and in the lives of my loved ones.” - John Quinn, United Kingdom

“This will be a blessing to not only my immediate family but others in my sphere of influence.” - Euphemia Taki, United Kingdom

“I have wanted to start an online business for years. This program gave me a reason to believe that it is in fact possible to accomplish it.” - Steve Thompson, Mexico

“This is the first time online marketing made sense, and it also made me dream of creating a business and using it as vehicle for freedom and independence.” - Shainysse Bolden, Philadelphia

“I really can become a great leader if I learn and master all these simple principles” - Eden Wynyard, New Zealand

“He has the most up-to-date marketing information in the world.” - Janene Taylor, New Zealand

“This is organized, up-to-date, comprehensive, effective and can be done!” - Frances Stahl, New York

“I have a service-oriented business and have not experienced marketing of this nature. Mark made me feel like I could do this.“ - Diana Hawkins, Michigan

“I would be dumb not to integrate what Mark has to share.” - David Finsterie, Florida

“A simplified and structured way to piece it together in a timeline that doesn't promote fear and procrastination paralysis” - Rebecca Vaughn, Oklahoma

“Marks expertise and approach has given me clarity.” - Sandra Hutton, United Kingdom

“Too many take-aways to list. My brain exploded!!!” - Lauren Whitmore, Las Vegas

“He convinced me that I need to take action now.” - Sergio Gonzalez, Mexico

“This was an Awesome eye opener.” - Valshalan Moody, Georgia

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