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 From: Mike Agugliaro <>
 Date: Fri, Mar 5, 2021 at 8:00 AM
 Subject: How to retain and engage employees

Hey Buzz,

Your business is a living, breathing organism. That’s because real people make up the organization. And yet, many leaders ignore this and focus on rigid structures that simplify a business down to a profit-making machine.

With decades of experience, we know a great deal about what it takes to keep your best people in your company.

Bosses can do a number of things toward that end. Here are a few ideas we wanted to share with you today. image 1. Give People an Emotional Stake in the Company

An employee’s decision to stay in a company or leave is mostly emotional. The employee has a set of personal goals that they wish to achieve through working in your company. And those goals are emotionally driven.

This is why a successful service business leader goes out of their way to play to these emotions. They need to make sure that their people have room to reach their goals through the work that they’re doing. This creates an emotional stake that makes them want to stick around.

This means that there are things about your business that no other companies can offer. Your people may look at a few other opportunities as they come up, but they’ll never want to jump ship. No amount of money can beat this level of emotional attachment.

2. Make Sure that People Have a Good Perception of You

People tend to ‘join companies but leave bosses.’ Unless you lead by example and cultivate your service business culture, people may get the temptation to leave you.

When your staff treats people with obvious disrespect, you have to put a plug in it fast. You cannot allow a toxic culture to develop. It serves no one.

Remember, if you give an employee a directive, they're going to respond on a range of one to 10, meaning they're putting their heart and their soul into that directive. If they don't respect you, they're going to respond with a minimum.’

Always make sure to treat your people with respect if you want them to return the favor.

3. Turn Conflicts into Winning Situations

Conflicts are unavoidable whenever a group of people has to coexist, which would include work environments. But if you approach conflicts the right way, they don’t have to be a bad thing. You only have to resolve conflicts in a way that brings people closer together.

To do this, you need to focus on two things – the issue and the emotions related to it. Successful service business leaders know how to approach their people in a non-judgmental and friendly fashion. And this is something that everyone responds well to.

Address the emotions that both sides are feeling when a conflict arises. Follow that up by having a clear outcome that you want to achieve and work your way toward it.


Mike Agugliaro


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