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2021/02/27 20:05 · thegarnet

spider.256.jpg European Garden Jumping Spider

Site Sections:


  • Add an index plugin

“This is actually one of the most appealing internet sites I have actually ever before found. That is incredibly appealing since of its distinct material and also amazing write-ups.” - Stacey


Things to do

  • Find a suitable favicon.ico
  • Find a logo pic for site
  • Finish configuring arctic template
    • Lockdown the sidebar from editing
    • configure additional sidebars
  • Try the other templates
  • Find a page hierarchy display plugin for top of page
* Problem when editing from http instead of https - security token did not match

* combining mediawiki and dokuwiki on the same site
  * (why did the subbullets of this item need extra indenting?) 
    * article on converting between them:
      * Article on how to enable mediawiki syntax on a dokuwiki -
      * converter to go from dokuwiki to mediawiki syntax: 
    * only conflicting file seems to be index.php
    * eventually replace all mediawiki links with redirect pages to their new dokuwiki locations
      * try a mediawiki style url on dokuwiki site and see what happens   
      * Or change dokuwiki index.php to automatically rewrite and redirect mediawiki style urls - mediawiki style urls will just go to the homepage of the dokuwiki

Other things to do to setup this wiki

  • import content from mediawiki at
    • Is there a mediawiki markup to dokuwiki markup converter, or an import utility?
  • create a private namespace for user TheGarnet

Useful docuwiki documentation about how the wiki works:

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