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Who is Garnet R. Chaney?

Updated 2022/04/26

Latest stuff from Garnet….

  • Latest videos
    • Mark Levin - Mark Levin: Supreme Court leak is a 'grave assault' -
      • Abortion will still be available, and still be funded by federal government.
      • Roe v. Wade has no basis in the constitution or the law. When new justices are being vetted, they dont ask about settled law decisions on good foundations. Instead, they ask about corruptions of the law to make sure justices are appointed to prop up this decision.
      • Not aware of a Federal Statute to make this leak illegal. But it is definitely unethical, and the leaker will be disbarred.
      • These are American Marxists who are apparently thinking this leak is a wonderful thing, it is politics, they are using it to rev up their base.
      • Politico sat on Hunter Biden's laptop, but this leak, they immediately are on it. They sat on the laptop, promoted russian collusion story, it just shows how poisonist the media is with their radical agenda. They are participated as a grave assault on the Supreme Court by corrupt poisonous people.
    • Slavery didn't end until after Pearl Harbor, in 1941. Offer to join curiosity stream to discover if you are a racist. Claim no children are being taught critical race theory. Claim that Praeger University only teaches a 5th grade version of U.S. History to keep blacks enslaved. Goes into great detail on peonage. -
    • Cool device called the Ketron Lounge -
    • great sermon on the coming storm, and how it will affect the home -
  • 2022/4/26 Finally the wiki and website are back online on a new server! Expect more frequent updates now!
    • Working out a few formatting issues, and restoring things like the site page tree

Older news…

Very informative video: Surgeon explains how COVID kills

Free virtual servers and free virtual machines?

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A great offer:

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  • Interesting classes
    • Chris Hadfield Astronaut teaches Master Class about being in space. Great advertisement.
  • “Jan 14 WHO prelim investigations showed no human to human”
  • “Michael savage: social control and illness in the phillipines”
  • “Southwestern journal of anthropology 1960”
  • “Get savage transcript for today 2020/4/3 or collect from texts with el. See if backup of texts to gmail is still happening.”

Welcome to yet another one of my homes on the internet - TheGarnet

TheGarnet is an occasional guest poster, blogger, and guest commenter, on Facebook. He even occasionally likes other peoples posts.

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Garnet's Partial Hall of Fame Of Past Websites . Some of Garnet's editorials

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General articles

    • Looking at any retrospective analysis and drawing causative conclusions is stupid. What if men who drink the most milk also take in the most saturated fat? What if they tend to be heavier? What if (and it seems it may be) calcium, in fact, that is a risk factor? What about increased milk consumption and lower risk of other cancers such as colon and bladder?
    • Here is a link to a review written by an epidemiologist I know and trust. It's just a review but it shines the light on how asinine a conclusion this “doctor” has come to - your benefits office should be ashamed since what they send CONSTITUTES medical advice. - Http://
  • Haleem Quran - accepted as very accurate translation

evolution vs. Darwinism

Deception Detection

    • What is Psycho-Linguistic profiling - “The television show, “Lie to Me” coupled with human nature’s lazy desire for instant gratification has led to a great deal of error in detecting deception. Regardless of what you hear, who might be foolish enough to stake a career on a twitch of an eye? Paul Ekman himself has told us that he has no faith in his system nor in his followers who paid for ‘microexpression’ training. It is ‘exciting’ but in professional settings, errors matter deeply. There is no award for being “75% successful” when the 25% failure could mean wrongful arrest, conviction, loss of job, and so on.“
    • Coast to Coast AM interview with Peter Hyatt - detecting deception - statement analyst, instructor and author, Peter Hyatt discussed the scientific process by which deception is detected, and how this can be used for analysis in many prominent criminal cases, as well as to evaluate those we come into contact with. People rarely ever lie outright, he cited, rather it's the withholding of information that is the main form of deception. Everyone has a dictionary in their heads and chooses their words quickly in response to a question, but when a person wants to be deceptive their word selection process is disrupted, and their reply may take longer, he explained. The brain avoids a direct confrontational lie, he added, such as by dropping the pronoun “I” in response to a question.
      • Statement Analysis, which is used by law enforcement, intelligence, and military, works by carefully looking at a person's words instead of their emotions, he continued. Politicians and those in the military practice a certain amount of verbal deception that's seemingly built into their careers. President Trump, for instance, is deceptive all the time in the sense that he uses the “language of a negotiator” and typically overshoots by 25% or undershoots by 25%, Hyatt remarked. In studying audio of the Apollo moon landing, he found a level of deception that indicated important information was being withheld. In the JonBenet Ramsey case, he believes there was deception in the responses of her parents, John and Patsy, during intitial interviews.




X3 New Albion Prelude


  • Health topics - including information about vaping, diet, vegans, vegetarianism, Dr. John McDougall


Movies Watched

  • The Platform, 2019 TV-MA - descending platform with food in a prison
  • The Trust, 2015 - Nicolas Cage, Elijah Wood, Jerry Lewis
  • The Wolf’s Call, 2019 TV-14, French submarine movie
  • USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage, 2016
  • Chasing Coral, 2017 - campaign to document coral reefs
  • The Signal, 2014 PG-13
  • I Am Mother, 2019 TV-OG, following humanity’s mass extinction, a teen raised alone by a maternal droid finds her entire world shaken when she encounters another human.
  • Orbiter 9, 2017 TV-14, woman by herself on a spaceship her whole life falls in love with an engineer who suddenly shows up
  • DESTINATION IO, 2019 TV-14, young scientist searching for way to save a dying earth, connects with a man who is racing to catch the last shuttle from the planet
  • Bokey, 2017 TV-MA - Last couple survives and eerie apocalypse
  • Automata - Julio Iglesias - Robots becoming self aware to repair and enhance themselves, in violation of the 2nd protocol


  • Music moved here: music


  • Propulsion without propellant - EmDrive testing for handfuls of newtons - EmDrive converts microwaves into thrust, or does it
  • Static Electricity
    • I learned as a kid that static electricity had no use because it doesn’t flow steadily, instead it releases all at once, unlike electricity from a battery or a generator.
      • Well turns out that is not true. Three uses for static electricity include:
        1. photocopies and laser printer toner drum that holds the toner by static electricity,
        2. electrostatic air cleaners,
        3. using static charges on paint and car parts to attract the paint to the part.


  • Application frustrations
    • Facebook app on ipad often loses replies that I am in the middle of typing when I switched away from the app to research something more for my reply. When you are switched away from an app, iOS reserves the right to terminate the app at any time. Sometime it may save the reply if you can find the original message and click reply again, but sometimes the reply is lost. Facebook app does not have a way to take you back to the original posting and let you continue editing it after a restart.

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