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What to do about a Facebook Page that disappeared

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  • how to deal with disappeared facebook page
  • facebook page disappeared 2020

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  • Did you have any luck to get your Page back? For those reading, this is different than losing access to your profile. Your profile, and your timeline, is for you personally, and is what you first log into. A Page is something you create for links about an interest, or a business, that you are involved in, and has its own set of followers separate from your friends list.

I just lost a Facebook Page last week (April 2020), that I created back in 2013. It had accumulated 200 followers. It was called “Three Gratitudes and The Happiness Advantage”. It was one of several pages I have created. I still have the other pages on showing on my account, but this one vanished. I have requested that the page be restored via various Facebook forms, but no one has contacted me. Nothing has gone wrong with access to my main profile, or any other page that I run. I am tracking my research on what to do about this here: web_development:social_media:facebook:dealing_with_a_vanished_facebook_page [TheGarnet Wiki] (


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    • It could have been deleted. Make sure you know who all the admins are for your pages, and you have secure passwords. Pages can only be deleted from the page creator accounts, so look there for any suspicious activity.
    • Unpublished page. An administrator could change the page to unpublished.
    • Breach of Conduct with FAcebook - you should be notified if this happens
    • Technical issues - Contact facebook if you have no explanation why your page vanished.

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