What I Am Reading Today: April 25-26, 2020

Many Experiments in One

Further thoughts about this experiment that began with What am I reading on 2020-04-25

Project goals: (as of 2020/05/08)

  1. Get stuff read - I open a lot of articles into new tabs, and then they just sit there. As a result, I often have over 90 tabs open. I am trying to keep that number down, so I decided to read them, make a quick note of their URL, and anything of note or to summarize them
  2. Study the mechanism Facebook uses to provide the article previews with a lot of examples
  3. Consider writing my own tool to produce previews of URLs
  4. Consider how to format this wiki page so that an automated tool could combine all the links into a formatted page for Mobirise web editor, along with the notes I took.

Weird Happenings

Anything unusual happen?

Articles Read

Most recently read, that dont fall into any of the following categories

From prior reading list

Scanner SDS-100 Videos

From prior reading list

George Carlin

Website builder

  • Note: I have decided to use mobirise


Other reading

Things I need to read

  • Book: Case against socialism

Research Projects

Growing Facebook Organically

New Funny Thoughts

New hashtags and fauxwords

Conversations Today

Here I am experimenting with tracking the threads where I engage in conversations. I post the same summaries as above, but then copy my comments, and with “Posted At:” keep a direct link to the FB article. Makes it easy to go back to specific threads to see what comments have been made, and maybe move those comments out to this page. add subsections for more involved conversations

Things to sign up for

Posted at

Posted at:

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