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  • Add an index plugin

“This is actually one of the most appealing internet sites I have actually ever before found. That is incredibly appealing since of its distinct material and also amazing write-ups.” - Stacey


Study of permissions built into various wiki softwares

  • phpWiki v1.4.0rc1 - A WikiWikiWeb is a site where everyone can collaborate on the content.
  • PukiWiki v1.4.7 - PHP scripts for Web pages which can be edited by anyone, at any time, from anywhere.


Seems to be built with access controls in mind from the start.

Wikis ruled out


  • Example: None currently
  • NOTE: considerable costs to using: heavy CPU, and licensing costs . $10/mo. for 10 years, $1900/yr. for 25 users
  • Can set quite granular access rights on pages, and wikispaces


Pages about rights

    • MediaWiki is designed for two basic access modes:
      • Everyone can view every single page on the wiki (with the possible exception of a few special pages). This is the mode used by Wikipedia and its sister projects.
      • Anonymous users can only view the Main Page and login page, and cannot edit any page. This is basically the same as the above, in terms of technical implementation (just an extra check for every page view), which is why it exists. This is the mode of operation used by certain private wikis such as those used by various Wikimedia committees.
    • If you intend to have different view permissions than that, MediaWiki is not designed for your usage.
    • Possible - multiple wikis with shared user database, some open, some closed -
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