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I always seem to have much more on my Daily Targets than I can do in a day. I’ve seldom completed every task on my list…sometimes because I have unanticipated requirements on my time (usually important issues that cannot be tuned out). Should I always try to narrow my list to the things I can accomplish in the time I have available each day? Or, as I have done in the past, include everything that is of the most importance to me that day?

Mark answers: The answer depends on how that’s working out for you. If you’re OK with having some things left incomplete, and still do Start My Day every day, then keep it up. As a rule, though, I’ve found that most folks do better with shorter lists. It just feels better and this paradoxically boosts your productivity over time.

Reader says: Actually, I think I’m better off completing my list every day possible. But sometimes estimating the time required is tough to do. And if my list is too long, sometimes I don’t start my day for another day or two…and I see that as not the best approach. So I need a doable list every day…not a list of just my top priorities. Thanks for your insight.

Mark answers: You might want to try planning on doing two rounds of SMD. You can do a longer full one to start in the morning, make the list intentionally super light (perhaps of things you’re best at first thing in the morning). And then do a 2nd, shorter round – with all modules turned off. Splitting items up like this can allow you to optimize performance in other ways as well (some people are more creative in the morning – others in the afternoon – for example).

Source:Simpleology Blog

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