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“This is actually one of the most appealing internet sites I have actually ever before found. That is incredibly appealing since of its distinct material and also amazing write-ups.” - Stacey


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Getting subscribed to Garnet's class notes for the One Funnel Away Challenge for January, 2021 is easy!

His notes are limited only to subscribers of One Funnel Away Challenge for January 2021.

Do these three steps to help Garnet verify you are in the OFA group:

  • 1. Visit Garnet's Facebook Profile
  • 2. Click “Message”
  • 3. Send Garnet your email address on Facebook, and let him know you are in the OFA class and you want his class notes.

Then sign yourself up to receive the notes: Click And Fill Out This Form With Your Name And Address

You will start receiving my fantastic OFA class notes.

Thank you! - Garnet

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D'Anna can't even wait for my system email blaster to send her the notes!!!

Hi D'Anna… My class notes will come from I will be sending you the new subscriber email tonight, so you have the complete list! :-)

I have one other option for my subcribers. At the end of my first run though the class, and making notes, getting one pager info, etc., I put the notes in a PDF and send them out.

Here is a sample: Link to Notes PDF For Day 8

Once I finish the notes, and send them out, everyone on my list has a good set of notes….. But….

Later in the day, as I go through the homework for the lessons, and explore additional things, maybe rewatching the videos if I have questions, going into the consulting call to ask questions, or listen to answers, I update my own copy of the notes that is in a wiki. Then, when I actually use Jim Edward's awesome tools, I might add extra things to my notes.

I build these notes on a wiki page, and hit save as soon as the class is over. I hit save frequently as I update things, add more notes.

When I am ready, usually soon after the class is over, I turn the wiki page into the PDF and email it to everyone.

But you could get the notes even before I am ready to send them out! And you can get to see all the updates after I send them out, too!

Many on my list are taking advantage of this! They send at least $25 to have membership on my private wiki for this class. 50% of the people who asked for my notes, they have sent extra money because they love my notes so much! And they want the benefit of looking over my shoulder at every update I make to the notes.

The top of the Notes For Day 8 tells how you can do that too.

Also, for all those who have access to wiki, they can even update the notes to add their insights, too! Membership to the wiki version of the notes gives you access to all that, and more!

Think of it as having access to a very exclusive “wikipedia” for our class!

Look over my sample of my OFA class notes for Day 8, and decide if you want that extra level of seeing the notes in real time and all updates in the wiki. I really appreciate if you can invest in your OFA Challenge success by joining my class notes wiki.

In any case, you will get a full list of the notes for all the days when I run the new subscriber mailing list.

Even when you join the wiki, you will still get the daily notes sent to your inbox too.

Thanks D'Anna for being so patient… I just finished Braveheart's sub-q hydration IV for the evening. I am now ready to dig into the OFA and make these notes even more awesome!

  • Garnet

P.S. I was paid by Adobe Systems for many years to run one of the world's largest wiki systems for all 10,000 employees they had. I was the Wiki Czar of Adobe Systems! Russell knows funnels, and I know wikis! :-)

P.P.S. A sampling of what your fellow classmates in OFA Challenge had to say about my notes:

  • “loving the notes. Excellent resource with the links and all! Thank you!” - Kelly, via Nifty, from our private accountability group
  • “You are a rockstar” - Nikky, via messenger text
  • “WOW, your notes are wonderful. I greatly appreciate all the links and insight. This is very helpful. Thank you so much.” - Katie, via email
  • “I am so greatful for you thanks so much… My first lenguaje is Spanish so your notes help me a lot” - Maria, via messenger text
  • “My God! I don't know how you did the notes! You are like Napoleon Bonaparte writing two letters at the same time!” - Paul, via messenger call

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