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“This is actually one of the most appealing internet sites I have actually ever before found. That is incredibly appealing since of its distinct material and also amazing write-ups.” - Stacey


Research into the differences between mobile search and desktop search

Google Queries

  • how does mobile search differ from desktop search

The Battle For Consumer Attention

    • People may be turning to their smartphone (with an app) before they turn to their desktop computer
      • Time spent on desktops may be decreasing
      • Differences in mobile and desktop consumer mindset
        • Smartphones are for more immediate information needs
        • Mobile searches are more about things local, have “local intent” 40%-50%
          • Volume of mobile local search is dramatically increasing, in 2014 surpassed desktop
          • Local searches expected to double from 2014 to 2019
Mobile Desktop
Research Process short, in the moment Lengthy and well researched
Immediacy Immediate need for information future interest
Conversion method phone call web form

    • Examined search results for desktop and mobile for 50,000 keywords
      • Uses tool Semrush Organic Research - - top keywords bringing traffic to the website, see its recent ups and downs in the search rankings, and if it is ranking for any SERP features, you will also get the list of its main organic search competitors
      • Lots of differents between desktop and mobile search results
      • Related terms:
        • entity-first indexing . vas mobile-first indexing
        • knowledge graph
        • topic layer - “related topics” and “people also ask”
        • pulling things from edge layer to topic layer

16 Differences Between Google Mobile & Desktop Search Results

  • 2018/06 - 16 differences
    1. Mobile results more focused on local results
      • Emphasize “Google Places” listings - websites must be optimized with Google+ Local
        • Conflicts with SEO strategy to consolidate link equity into one domain

Duck Duck Go Business Model

    • All searches are private, even from DuckDuckGo.
    • Money is made from keywords typed, without knowing search history or additional data
    • Search advertisers buy ads for certain keywords - pay per click model
    • “Using the Internet doesn’t have to feel like you’re being watched, listened to, and monitored.”
    • Google now deploys hidden trackers on 76% of websites across the web to monitor your behavior and Facebook has hidden trackers on about 25% of websites
      • These trackers can be as simple as their logo served off their own website
      • They can track: interests, purchases, search and browsing history
    • “It is a choice to squeeze every last ounce of profit at the expense of privacy, democracy and society.”
    • Another revenue stream that doesnt violate privacy: non-tracking affiliate partnerships with Amazon and eBay.
      • It is important that they run their own affiliate programs, and dont use partners
    • duckduckgo - interest based advertising vs. others - hyper-targetted based on cached customer data
  • DuckDuckGo uses Apple Maps to power private search results for map and address related searches

Search engine submission sites

  • Google queries:
    • duckduckgo url submission


  • . Shows a list of submission results:
    • Can backspace, and submit another website to the same list of search engines
    • Please wait while your site is submitted to search engines.
      • - Submission Complete.
      • Exact Seek - Submission Complete.
      • Info Tiger - Submission Failed.
      • Scrub The Web - Submission Failed.
      • Search UK - Submission Failed.
      • Aesop - Submission Complete.
      • - Submission Failed.
      • - Submission Failed.
      • - Submission Complete.
      • - Submission Complete.
      • - Submission Failed.
      • - Submission Complete.
      • - Submission Complete.
      • - Submission Complete.
      • - Submission Complete.
      • - Submission Complete.
      • - Submission Complete.
      • - Submission Complete.
      • - Submission Complete.
      • - Submission Failed.
      • - Submission Failed.
      • - Submission Failed.
      • AxxaSearch - Submission Failed.
      • Are submited to search engines, please wait 6 - 14 days to resubmit many engines penalize multiples submission !

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