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Some things you may have to do if you experience a car jacking

  • If they get your wallet and keys: While it is probably rare that the carjacker would use your identification to visit your home, you can call police to have them clear your home, while you have a locksmith change your door locks.
  • if they got your checkbooks, close your bank accounts
  • Close and reorder and ATM cards, mastercards, and Visa cards
    • Be sure you have a record of all your credit card numbers, and associated customer service numbers from the backs of the cards. Especially for any kind of debit card or prepaid cards.
    • This also includes any kind of prepaid store gift cards

This is one of many aspects of modern life that cause Dave Ramsey, in his debt free seminars and on his radio show, The Dave Ramsey Show, to recommend the first step in financial recovery and the path to being debt free, the first baby step, is to have an emergency fund of $1000.

Real stories of car jacking victims

  • Responding to the victim of a Grab and Run Crimes Continue At Starbucks: Okay that completely sucks and I know that feeling. I was carjacked at gunpoint over two decades ago. Guy took my car, my purse, keys, personal info. Bill was in a plane on his way to Japan so didn't even know I had to cancel all the credit cards and close bank accounts (had two checkbooks my purse). I had a locksmith and policeman meet me at my house. Police went thru house while locksmith changed locks. For months I didn't carry a purse (put $ and cards in pockets) and for years couldn't park in an underground lot. I am so sorry you have to feel that “violated” feeling and all the crap you have to go thru to right your life.
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