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Grab And Run Crimes Continue At Starbucks

A friend was recently at a South Bay Starbucks where her purse was grabbed, and the thief ran out the door to a waiting car. She said said:

  • To all my FB friends and family….I was ROBBED this afternoon at Starbucks…. I’m still shaking hours later..advice to all… NEVER SIT BY THE DOOR! My purse was tucked away on the chair next to me —he literally had to reach around me to grab it he did and ran out the door I jumped up and ran out after him—screaming— then four good Samaritans (patrons of Starbucks)ran after him but with no luck— they got the color of the car and make (Lexus) but no license plate. I had my checkbook… all my credit cards and everything else valuable to me house keys car keys office keys…. so these criminals have my home address my house keys and my car keys! Needless to say I have to replace everything!!! It’s terrifying —- leaves you feeling so violated! I do however feel very lucky I wasn’t physically hurt! THANK YOU to my cousin Pam Perino who came to stay with me and comfort my nerves till Scott came with my spare keys. Keep a lookout for my gorgeous Louis Vuitton purse and Michael Kors wallet on eBay!! #byebyeLV #karmaiscomingthief!!

She continued:

  • Someone asked: Was it at the Starbucks on N Santa Cruz ? That entire building, parking lot and back ally are covered by security cameras. The owner of the center is a good friend and I believe the cameras were installed by the alarm company. It would probably be pretty easy to get video of the guy and license plate of the car. And I can make a call and get the footage from Starbucks if needed
    • She said: Yes! The 4 guys that chased him only saw that it was a champagne colored Lexus behind in that back lot… but dudnt get the license plate -the guy that grabbed my purse was about 6 feet tall Caucasian short brown hair about all I saw….
  • Creeps me out to know that they have my home address and my house keys but I’m getting my locks changed tomorrow!
  • Plus cop said that sitting by the door is never a good idea 🙁

Some of her friends related What it is like to suffer a car jacking, How to avoid purse snatching at grocery stores. Others said:

  • You can't have anything out in the open these days I hope they find them and that you have peace of mind We have been robbed before it know the feeling.
  • We are so sorry and shaken, too, by this horrible act and violation against you! We’re thankful you were not hurt in the incident! We love you!❤️
  • Wow. That. That exact thing happened to my girlfriend at T.J. Maxx for a Louis Vuitton purse this is horrible so Sorry to hear about that my friend felt exactly like you did violated, this too shall pass but it’s not fun
    • Correction Norstrom’s rack and the cops say it happens all the time over there so everyone be careful

This is a very common story, and has been going on for years.

Police try to say the crime is rare, but the criminals often they do grab and run on laptops. These stories have been in the news for years, usually people sitting near the door. Usually there is no contact with the customer, but sometimes there is unwanted contact with the patron, and in struggles with the thieves, it is often revealed it is a team effort with other criminals able to take a handoff of the stolen items, or other criminals waiting in a getaway car.

Sometimes surveillance video is of no help. Some companies have a policy of only giving the video to police, and police are often too overloaded to followup on these crimes.

  • But, in this story they targeted someone in the middle of the shop. Dramatic chase after thief steals laptop from Starbucks patron
  • CBS Local › sacramento › 2019/04/10 - Coffee Shop Criminals Strike Again, Grabbing Computers From Patrons – CBS Sacramento
    • Apr 10, 2019 · In each case, thieves target seated customers, grabbing their laptops, then running for the door. On Monday, Ripon police say three teenage suspects carried out the heist at a Starbucks
    • Cops were able to take the 16-year-old suspect into custody. Two other suspects were able to get away.
    • Davis police are trying to crack down on a coffee shop crime spree. Thieves have been targeting customers as they study or work in shops. Now investigators are hoping surveillance video will lead to an arrest.
    • Marie Whitney-Fowcett is the latest victim in the computer theft crime wave. She said “I was sitting just inside here,” Whitney-Fowcett said. “It was so fast, I never even saw their faces. When I saw them start to run, I tried to grab my computer and they wrestled it from my hand.”
  • Coffee Shop Criminals Strike Again, Grabbing Computers From Patrons - Ripon police are investigating another coffee shop crime, following several others in Davis and Roseville. In each case, thieves target seated customers, grabbing their laptops, then running for the door. On Monday, Ripon police say three teenage suspects carried out the heist at a Starbucks on West Colony Road.
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