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Bay Area Fastrak - Toll Violation Problems

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  • Fastrak Lawsuit
      • Fastrak and Golden Gate Bridge want to keep their policies a secret from all of us, saying the public could use the information to, quote, game the system and avoid paying tolls. The judge has agreed to seal the information in court documents. The court has yet to decide if we can hear about those public policies in open court - or if they should be kept under wraps.
      • Who is part of the class:
        • You are in the class if you've crossed the Golden Gate Bridge since 2013 and received a toll penalty.. the suit says you are entitled at least to a hearing.
        • Also, the suit asks for a full refund if your toll invoice was never delivered to you, and it got thrown away by FasTrak.
        • The suit does not cover drivers on other bridges, but it demands FasTrak use a fair system to notify drivers before slapping penalties, and to hear your disputes. That affects all drivers on all Bay Area bridges

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* [[|Bay Area bridges to get rid of all cash lanes]]
  * They say it saves some money
    • Transit authorities have slapped a $330,000 fine against the operators of the FasTrak toll system for bad customer service
    • Thousands of drivers are getting hit with penalties – most on the Golden Gate Bridge, where you no longer pay a toll taker. And if you don't have a FasTrak account, you may be in for a fight.
    • Derek Reid - Paid toll - still had a $79 hold on registration, Fastrak failed to dismiss the violation
      • Reid recorded three hours on the phone with FasTrak. Remember his toll violation?
      • “I've been dealing with this for one year, four months and six days and I'm at the end of my rope,” said Reid on tape with FasTrak customer service.
      • After dismissing the violation, they put it back on his registration again the next year
    • “We have seen a spike since we went to all-electronic tolling,” said Andrew Fremier of the Bay Area Toll Authority. He acknowledges violations shot up after the Golden Gate Bridge eliminated toll takers in 2013. A 7 On Your Side investigation revealed a staggering increase.
    • In 2014, nearly a quarter million drivers had to pay penalties for toll evasion on the bridge.
    • Xerox Corporation operates Fastrak

Litigation against Orang County transportation agency:

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  • getting out of fastrak penalties
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