High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Advice from a Nurse Practitioner with Biblical Health Techniques Emphasis

More water - but not so much

  • 10 glass a day - 8 ozs
  • 16 ounces in the morning is critical because going so long without drinking
  • urinating a couple times a day with clear pee is enough. My idea of every hour or two is too much.
  • hormone to maintain water in the blood stream, from the pituitary - don't use too much salt, it abuses this hormone
  • diabetes insipidous - always thirsty - I am not having this problem
  • washing out a lot of potassium - can be bad.
  • enough water.
  • omega 3 is helpful - flaxseed, chia seed - put with water when drinking - Fernell water - chia seed swells up like jello
  • cholesterol story - is not definitive - might have high cholesterol floating in blood - plaque only happens because a lot of damage
    • LDL is called to fix the damage - builds up. It is our friend trying to prevent blood clot from happening
      • lifestyle cause needs to be fixed or the problems get beyond what it can repair
  • spirit of prophecy says cayenne may be irritative - temporary - a normal person shouldn't need cayenne pepper - maybe as an adjunct therapy
  • possibly cinnamon for blood sugar causing triglycerides to shoot up
  • always recommend - warm shower 3 minutes, cold for 30 seconds is enough full cold down to 50 degrees - 3 or 4 warm/cold cycles

Sleep helps heal all the damage of life.

  • ministry of healing - 7 to 8 hours uninterrupted is best
  • naps doesn't work as well with melatonin cycle, one interrupted sleep period is better
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