important critique of “carbs” and many of the things you have heard about them, and protein levels…

Imaginary Science: Commentary on The New Atkins for a New You

“Furthermore, increasing dietary protein from about 10-12% to 20%, for example, eventually increases risk for most people for a large number of diseases and conditions too numerous to discuss here. These include serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and certain autoimmune diseases, as well as an overwhelming number of explanatory mechanisms. The authors mentioned none of these health problems associated with the high dietary protein of the Atkins diet. Like a house of cards, a diet ever higher in animal protein-based foods, usually along with higher dietary fat (the typical Atkins recommendation) leads to early death and disability resulting from the diseases that kill most of us in the U.S. before our time.”

For more details, see the documentary video Forks Over Knives, available on NetFlix, or from the website

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