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Fox News: Rep. McClintock on migrants: Dems need voters susceptible to their 'empty socialist' promises

By Sam Dorman | Fox News

Democrats don't want to fix the massive flow of migrants across the southern border because doing so would take away future voters they need after alienating middle America, Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., argued on Saturday.

Pointing to difficulty in passing funding for humanitarian assistance in June, McClintock asserted that Democratic reluctance stemmed from the fact that mass migration was “serving the agenda of the left.”

“They have completely alienated middle America and their future political success depends upon bringing in a new and impoverished population that is susceptible to every empty socialist promise they make,” he said, while appearing on “America's News HQ.”

Video of interview with Tom McClintock


California Republican Congressman also a member of the House Judiciary Committee Tom McClintock, right? Thanks for joining us today. We're keeping an eye on really this remarkably powerful. These Quakes that are happening there in California. So I guess I'll start there were thinking of you and your constituents there in California your District the fourth district a little bit north of the epicenter. But what are you hearing for from your constituents?

Tom McClintock: Well, I'm in the Sacramento area. I didn't even feel it. My mother's just north of Los Angeles. She barely felt it, you know, it's true that every decade or two California struck by a significant earthquake and they're frightening and they're dangerous, but on the other hand the weather doesn't try to kill us every few weeks is it doesn't matter Parts I can use I suppose it's a balance

Interviewer: You seem to be taking it in stride quick thing Governor Gavin Newsom. He said he requested a presidential declaration for assistance. Do you think that's necessary? Do you think of California will benefit from that.

Tom McClintock: I'll leave that to the governor's judgment again. I'm not down in the region that was struck. I've been through his quest before they are frightening they do damage and they require assistance.

Interviewer: Let's shift gears now talk a little bit about something that you're very familiar with the migrant facilities there in across the border receiving a lot of attention the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General calling the center's a ticking Time Bomb recently some of your colleagues from the other side of the aisle all went down to the area towards some of the migrant facilities your thoughts on the conditions there as new information has been revealed and the inspector General's office. They're also very critical.

Tom McClintock: We'll look we've been completely overwhelmed by an unprecedented wave of illegal immigration is largely being encouraged by elements on the left that are not only advising them how to make a mockery of our Asylum laws, but are also promising them all sorts of free stuff including free healthcare. I mean, why are we surprised a huge population is now inundating our Southern border seven and a half billion people live on this planet. Most of them live in countries that are impoverished and suffer violence. That doesn't give every person in them the right to come to our country. And if we allow that to continue we will see the same social and political and economic pathologies that they are fleeing from.

Interviewer: When you talk about working with people from the other side of the aisle to address this crisis. Seems to be a pretty wide Gap as to how this should be approached. So how do you get to a solution that will work to stop this influx to care for the people that are already there in these migrant facilities. You know, where do we go from here to take steps forward to as some of your colleagues have talked about the conscience of America? How do we meet that?

Tom McClintock: Well I mean, we barely summoned a majority to get the emergency humanitarian assistance that the president been requesting for many many weeks. And I think one of the reasons for that is that this unprecedented surge of illegal immigration across our Southern border is serving the agenda of the left. They have completely alienated Middle America and their future political success depends upon bringing in a new and impoverished population that is susceptible to every empty socialist promise they make.

Interviewer: Ao another big story. I'd be remiss if I didn't ask about. These social media posts on the part of CPB members, previous members of the the border patrol, pretty derogatory towards some of the migrants they're essentially in custody, for lack of a better word or being cared for by these folks and also some pretty nasty comments about members of Congress. one of our representative Jerry Nadler, chair of Judiciary Committee, of course, very familiar. I spoke about these conditions at the border and what he thinks should happen. Take a listen.

Jerry Nadler: This is inhuman. This is a frankly I think it's criminal there would be criminal prosecutions of some of the agency heads and some of the people for child abuse.

Interviewer: He's going well beyond, you know calling for people to be fired there in that statement your thoughts on the social media posts on what should happen and does the speak to a broader culture.

Tom McClintock: I think that the story that is being told by the left is so completely different than what is actually going on there. We have dedicated people who care very deeply about the plight of these these illegal immigrants. They are trying desperately to enforce our laws, take care of of a huge number of people, that they don't have the facilities are resources for, in large part because they have been blocked for so many months by the Democrats in Congress to vilify that large group of dedicated public servants because of a few Yay who's on the on the fringe! I find Despicable.

Interviewer: Yeah utterly true that our customs our border patrol facing this enormous Challenge and worth noting also that the president came and and also defended them as well Congressman McClintock. I thank you so much for joining us today.

Tom McClintock: My pleasure.

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