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Anyone else on Facebook find the Facebook search function to be absolutely useless? Or do you not even bother with using it?

I am sure I recently made a posting on Facebook about one of my earliest memories is being at my grandmothers house watching the move “Fantastic Voyage”, and being fascinated by the complexity of the bottom of a cat’s ear and listening to that purr, and wondering what it would be like to be in that cool spaceship riding through a cats circulatory system while the cat was purring…. I wanted to post that comment to a thread I just read about a speech therapist teaching formerly deaf children what the word purr means. Unfortunately I did not save that comment to Evernote like I usually do.

So I was trying to find that post on Facebook. Tried searching for all kinds of words I thought would be in the post. Tried narrowing down the words to only posts. Add a second filter to only posts by me. Tried taking these steps with the word “ear”.

Here is one of the results. Please #Facebook tell me where the word “ear” occurs in this:


Hillary supporters are having a difficult time describing their emotions last night and day.

Perhaps some are trying to describe this kind of feeling::

The jailer coming to your cell and telling you “Today you will have bread and water. OK?” Like as if he was offering you any choice.

My friend Isaac back in the early 90's made that complaint about Windows dialog boxes with only an OK choice…


Oh now I see. If you take three letters from the word bread, it is an anagram for the word ear. Ok, makes sense to me now….. NOT!


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