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Cool documentary on Gamma Ray cause and source theories

Been trying to watch the Netflix documentary “The Real Death Star”, which is about the scientific journey to figure out the source and cause of gamma ray bursts. Lots of interesting interviews with involved scientists, and footage of rocket launches, and neat illustrations of various theories. Were they coming from inside the galaxy, a halo around the galaxy, or from the edges of the universe? Various scientists proposed, and then struggled to find evidence for, their theories.

Trying to multitask on social media

I am also trying to read and write meaningful comments on Facebook at the same time.

This kind of multi-tasking while watching a science documentary is not working well. I get into writing a response to somebody on something, like critiquing a skewed interpretation of the Council of Nicea, and then my attention drifts back to the documentary, and I realize I have no clue what the scientists are reminiscing about because I paid no attention to the last five minutes.

So I am wearing out the rewind button on my remote. Yeah, maybe 2 hours sitting here, and I haven't even really finished half the 45 minute documentary.

Maybe I need to try a different kind of multi-tasking

Probably need to watch something vapid and slow moving, like the typical multi-season series. Or be playing the game of Go that exercises a different part of my mind while keeping attention to the documentary. I often play my turns in online Go while talking to people, or listening to radio podcasts. As a kid I liked to let my eyes rove about the geometry of the room I was in while listing to a sermon or a lecture.

What is popular on the web

This wiki article is apparently not the first ever to mention “gamma ray bursts” (808,000 pages talk about them) and “Council of Nicea” (only 300,000 pages talk about that), however it is one of only 49 other pages on the web that talk about them both…. However it is the only one to also include a mention of “game of Go” (1,700,000 pages include that phrase.)

Finally, the net includes an article covering all three of those things! Oh, and one facebook post too.

Other places I am thinking about this

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