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Misleading Buzzfeed news headline: A 12-Year-Old Died After Taking An Uber Alone. Drivers Say They Can’t Afford To Reject Kids.

This headline is extremely misleading. Example of the kind of liberal progressive outrageous bias that Buzzfeed has.

It is a shame this girl committed suicide, but claiming it had anything to do with Uber is a shame-on-you to the parents. This is the kind of liberal logic that blaims huge numbers of deaths on guns, when in reality a very large number are suicide related. People who are in that much despair to be attempting suicide will find a way to do it with whatever tools they can find, or even no tools at all, just need a high place. In this case, the girl could have easily hitch-hiked to where she was going, or taken a bus. It had nothing to do with Uber. Shame on them and the lawyer they rode in on. Shame on Buzzfeed for such a misleading clickbait headline.

But what this article says is correct about incentives to the drivers to pickup minors. These consecutive ride bonuses in the morning, $6 extra for an hours worth of 3 rides, absolutely require the driver to take kids to school. When you are only getting $15 before expenses for that hour, you need that extra $6 to have any hope of a reasonable pay rate for that hour. And you absolutely need those three rides to have any hope of achieving the 20 rides in 8 hours that you need to get every day for a week to reach the weekly bonus quantity of rides you are trying to get to earn the bonus.

Also, as a driver, you feel bad contributing to the truancy of a child if you dont give the ride to school.

But, in some places, it is not just an Uber policy issue. Under California law, it is illegal for TNC drivers to transport minors.

Still, imagine the bad rating if a passenger looks young, and you ask for their ID, and it turns out they are just a very young looking 18 or 19 year old.

The article is right, both Uber and Lyft are allergically averse to doing anything to enforce reasonable safeguards on passengers. Nothing can be done to impact how easy it is to request the first ride.

Another example of this is the photographs. They made me retake my selfie several times before allowing me to drive. But a majority of passengers have no picture at all registered with the app, or use cartoon pictures, or scenery, as their profile picture. So drivers have no idea who in a crowd it is that they are picking up. To continue driving, drivers have to periodically stop and take a selfie which is verified against the existing photograph. There obviously can be no such check of passengers since they arent required to take and submit a clear unobstructed photo.

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