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Garnet's Starting A YouTube Channel Notes!

These are the links to the videos featured in my book on How To Start a YouTube Channel!

Do you have my notes on these best videos on how to “Start A Poppin' YouTube Channel!”?

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You get notes for all these videos:

Group A - Your Mindset

Group B - YouTube Can Be A Career

Group C - Getting Your First 1000 Subscribers

Group D - Techniques

Group E - Q&A Videos

Stay tuned to this page for more of the best videos. If you buy my notes, I give you all the additional notes that I take on additional YouTube Channel Creator videos for the next 6 months!

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These are the video links for YouTube Notes Version 2022/10/08

Back Cover: Garnet's YouTube Notes Include All These Things:

  • How visualization will help you be successful
  • Just Do It Now – the powerful way to keep moving forward
  • How To Start Before You Are Ready!
  • How to get started without fancy equipment!
  • Why you don't need to be a computer pro, a graphic artist, or a video editor!
  • How To Get Your First 1000 subscribers!
  • The special advantages that YouTube has to help you make money!
  • Why now is the best time ever to start a YouTube channel
  • How your videos can keep making money month after month, and year after year!
  • Many specific ways to make money from your videos!
  • Stories of the earning potential of single videos. Your videos could do this too!
  • How to decide what your channel should be about
  • How answering simple questions can be your key to success
  • Insider secrets from YouTube employees
  • Answers to dozens of questions you will have!
  • And you get free updates to my notes for 6 months!
  • You can ask me to include additional topics in my updates to these notes!
  • Lets Get Started!
  • Get my notes today, be watching and learning tonight!

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Example of my notes

I am a professional note taker! I have been paid by some of the largest companies in the world to take notes, and I have also taken notes for law firms, and companies, and educational institutions all over the world.

Do you want to see a free example of how good my notes are?

One of the most important skills for a YouTube creator is the ability to commit. Key to making a commitment is visualizing yourself doing it, and how things will change for the better if you do.

Here are my notes for the first 6 minutes of the video about the super power skill of visualization.

Visualizing yourself as a successful youtube channel creator is a key skill to develop your ability to follow through on creating your channel.

Here are my notes on just the first 6 minutes. Visualize how great it will be to have my complete notes for the all the videos.

Video A1: The Visualization Superpower

  • Length: 24 minutes
  • Evan Carmichael shares Mel Robbins “Visualization is an extraordinarily powerful skill” - Mel Robbins
  • Summary: “Visualization is an extraordinarily powerful skill” - Mel Robbins
    • Become a master of creating positive signs. Your brain is a giant filter constantly looking for evidence that you will achieve what you want! Mel Robbins quickly shows you how to program your brain for success with visualization.
      • New definition of passion
      • Just do it anyway
      • How to deal with the triggers that launch habits


  • It is mission critical to become a master at visualization
  • This is not meditation woo-woo. This is based on science and research
  • Visualization is powerful skill
    • manifesting
    • law of attraction
  • Become a master at seeing positive signs and creating coincidences
    • you can do this too by mastering the science of visualization
  • Your brain is a:
    • gigantic detective
    • filter
    • constantly looking for evidence
    • good news when you know how to use it

(01:38) Reticular activating system

  • It is a network of neurons
  • it is a filter system that allows certain information into your brain, and blocks other information
  • Who programmed this system?
    • you did
    • the people from your past
  • Example of how this works: if you constantly feel unloveable
    • reticular activating system will point out everything that confirms your negative self image

02:35 How To Visual Your And Improve Your Self Worth

  • If your goal is to improve your self worth
    • visualize your life, and how you will feel about yourself, when your self worth has improved
    • here is how to do it:
      • close yours eyes. - (Just do it! lol!)
      • in your mind have a specific picture of what it you look like with improved self worth
      • see your self doing all the things this involves:
        • speaking up at work
        • talking more about your business
        • leaving bad relationships
        • defining boundaries
        • see yourself going to the gym
        • taking care of yourself
      • consciously think of the positive emotions
        • feeling happy
        • proud
        • standing tall
        • grateful that you made the change

(03:56). “Marry the picture”

  • see the positive things that will happen:
    • examples:
      • raising your hand to make a comment in a meeting
      • getting a promotion
      • I am asking for a raise
      • going back to school
      • I feel good about myself

(04:18) The cool science

  • Why this works to change your brain:
    • You are changing the filter in your brain
    • your brain doesn't know the difference between real memories of bad things that happened to you, and the things you have imagined
    • your brain will experience you visualizing these things
      • your brain will experience you going to the gym
      • your brain will experience you asking for the raise
      • these things will be encoded as a real memory
    • when you visualize in this way, you encode the positive images as memories, and it changes the reticular activating system
  • the more you do this with your goals. (this only takes 30 seconds)
    • visualize
      • having great day at school
      • curing your panic and being proud of it
    • visualizing helps you develop and improve skills
      • studies have proven that simply visualizing yourself doing things develops the skills as if you were actually doing these things, and helps improve the skills

Thats just for the first 6 minutes! You need my notes for the rest of the video!

At the end of the notes for this video, I give you these actions items to help you get the most out of it:

Your action items:

  • Begin each day with watching this video.
  • watch it ten times until you know these principles
    • then watch it five more times!
    • don't feel like watching the video? just do it anyway!
  • make a list of how you are learning to applying these ideas
  • congratulate yourself each time you do something you learned in this video
    • write down how you feel better in the moment
  • and if the feeling is missing, remember: just do it anyway!
  • Create your own good luck starting today!

Write down, or highlight, or circle, or underline, one new thing in these notes each time you watch this video!

Please text me at 415-779-6075 to get your video notes today!
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