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Thoughts on Themes....

Two new domains I just bought are now installed on my server. Wikis set up on them, but not fully customized. Now I have to figure out what my editorial policy is for dividing content between them…..

But I got distracted playing with installing WordPress on another site that needs to be built out, too. I have always thought of WP as just a blog, (I have always felt that blogs just chronologically organizing things by order of posting is lousy, compared to what can be done with free form web development on a wiki), but I have recently seen some things on WP that made me reevaluate that view.

I spent some time trying to choose a cool theme for my new WP site. Why do the demos pics for themes look so nice, but when I install the theme, it looks so drab on my site? Those demo pics make me think I can have my site look good too, without hard work. Sigh. Unicorn thinking….

After I spend a lot of time customizing a particular theme on my WordPress site to get it to look something like its demo picture, will I be able to easily switch to try on another theme, and then switch back to my original theme without losing the customizations? Or will I only be able to do that via a complete backup and restore? If the later is the case, I am #NotImpressed.

Part of the problem is I need to also write some real content for the site.

“Themes don’t make up for a lack of content”, a corollary to my #NoEyeCandy rule of web development I adopted back in 1995. Maybe themes are just tempting me to the dark side, of concentrating on form over substance. I never used to let that bother me….

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