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“This is actually one of the most appealing internet sites I have actually ever before found. That is incredibly appealing since of its distinct material and also amazing write-ups.” - Stacey


Business : Marketing : Frank Kern

  • Behind the scenes at ROAS.ORG -
    • How to take a big goal and make an attempt at it.
      • Start with the end in mind, and then make building blocks to get there.
      • Get the target, the goal date, and the building blocks out of your head and written down.
      • The Math: Target revenue number, decided by monthly, How many customers, how many trial users.
      • Just get it out and on paper so you can start looking at it.
    • How to get 560,000 people - what has always worked?
      • Frank’s career 23 works - one thing that brought in more revenue than anything, one simple strategy
        • Results in Advance
          • You start with a customer. They want a specific result. If they get it, they will be happy.
          • You look at the exact steps your customer needs to take from now (not so happy) to get to happy, and give them that with no strings attached
          • Ita like being in front of restaurant, hungry until you smell the food, then very hungry, and then the free sample clinches the deal. Getting closer to the end result increases the desire to achieve the result.
          • Manufacturing desire by this approach.
      • What are the main steps to get them to their result?
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